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We’d love to bring beautiful interior design to your home! If you haven’t seen the information you’re looking for on the website, please check our frequently asked questions below.  If you still can’t find an answer, send us an email on hello@onstyledesigns.com. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions.

How long does it take to get my designs?

Once we receive your completed questionnaires, photos of your room, payment and dimensions you will receive your Onstyle interior designs within the timeframe noted on your chosen package. (Refresh Package 3-5 days | Revive Package 2-3 weeks | Revamp Package 3-4 weeks)

How will I know where to purchase the items that are suggested?

All the information you need will be detailed on the personalised shopping list you will receive with your final design. This will include the item name, picture, size, price and supplier.

Does Onstyle purchase the items on my shopping list for me?

Onstyle is an e-design consultation service only and the fee you pay is for the design and sources. The customer is responsible for purchasing any furnishings they choose for their space.

Can I use the Onstyle service to decorate my whole house?

Yes! You can absolutely use Onstyle to decorate your entire home! We have a number of customers who have done this – just select a package for the rooms you’d like to re-decorate and then once you’ve selected the interior design package – you can input the number of rooms you would like to add. You will receive a detailed questionnaire for each room you select once payment is confirmed.

How do I receive the discounts at the suppliers who give Onstyle customers a discount?

We will provide you with the appropriate information to receive the discounts for the specific item or in the emailed shopping list of items. Also be sure to take advantage of any holidays as there are often sales in store at these times.

Which room types can you design?

We currently offer design packages for living rooms, dining rooms, open plan living/dining spaces, entrance halls, bedrooms (kids, main or guest), home offices, playrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, kitchens, garages and storage rooms and outdoor living spaces.

Will I be able to talk to my designer?

No matter the design package you choose, you’ll be able to contact your designer via email or WhatsApp (during office hours) to discuss anything related to your project.

Which package is right for me?

All our design packages will give you custom designs personalised for your specific room and based on your style and budget. Package differences are based on your needs within the room, as well as the level of customisation. Learn more about our packages here.

Can I design around items I already own?

You’ll have the option after your package purchase to choose if you’d like to keep any existing items and have them incorporated into your design.  We will just need a photo of the item and measurements. Our designers may suggest ways in which existing furniture pieces can be refurbished or updated.

Which brands and price points does Onstyle offer?

We source your items from a carefully curated mix of well-known retailers and unique, exclusive vendors that we work with directly to help us match your budget and style.

My home is in the process of being built. Can Onstyle help style my space before it’s built?

Yes! We can work from your architectural floorplans and elevations. We would prefer to receive plans in AutoCAD format from your architect.

Can Onstyle offer paint colour to my designs?

Our designers would be happy to help with paint colour recommendations. After you sign up, we’ll ask you some questions about your project, so please be sure to note if you want to see different paint colours in your designs. If you have a specific colour in mind you can tell us the exact colour and we’ll try to incorporate it into your design.

How do you manage projects online?

Our design solutions are completely online, bringing interior design into the future. Take the first step by visiting our site and you’ll see just how easy it is. Take our style quiz or launch straight into your design project. After a few small steps you will see the detailed questionnaire to fill out in your inbox. It’s an interactive, accessible and fun way to see your space come to life. Because the process is completely online, you and your interior designer can work on the project any time, day or night to create a full design solution to meet your brief.

Is there a job too big or small?

There is certainly no job too big or small for our us.  From an entrance hall to a full home, Onstyle has you covered. The single project fee per room means that you can receive a full design solution and then purchase the selected items for that room when it suits you.

Where does a room start and finish?

We love open-plan living, so where does one room start and finish?  If your open space consists of two or more functional rooms, (for example: lounge/seating, dining area/kitchen) contact us so we can work with you for the best solution.   Imagine how you use a space. If it’s specific to a function or purpose, it will most commonly be seen as one room. We are always here to help guide you, so please send images and questions to hello@onstyledesign.com for clarification.

Will my designer recommend the final quantity, meterage of materials needs for a space (e.g. tiles, carpet, wallpaper etc)?

With your client brief you’ll supply measurements of your space. We rely on these measurements to allocate material quantities. If you are unsure of your measuring skills, have a professional measure the space and supply you with accurate measurements.

What’s a project brief?

These are simple steps to beginning a project. Using an optional fun style quiz (what’s your interior style?), simple and fast questionnaire plus some basic room measurements and photos, you’ll inspire our designer who will start designing and filling your inbox with your design concept presentation. It’s all online, accessible, and easy to manage.

What happens if I have a problem?

Your designer is there to support and guide you through the entire design process. Indulge in their expertise and knowledge. Send us a mail at hello@onstyledesign.com

What does it cost?

Our vision is to make interior design accessible and affordable.  We pride ourselves on offering a quality and complete design solution for a single once-off fee, which means no hourly rates, commissions or hidden costs.

The price is dependent on the room you are designing and ranges from R1800 – R5500 per room. Visit our packages page to view the prices.

How do I make changes to my brief?

After completing your project brief questionnaire but before launching your design project, it’s important to double-check that you haven’t left anything out of your brief or provided incorrect information.  Our designers work quickly to provide your design concept presentation – if they are briefed incorrectly and need to undertake redesign work, it will eat into their design time allocated for your project.  You can provide comments and feedback to your designer after the concept presentation to ensure your designers are meeting your brief.

How do I redeem a gift voucher?

An Onstyle gift voucher can be redeemed by entering the unique gift voucher code in the “Gift Voucher” box in your cart when you check out.

What happens if I wait to purchase an item, and then it is no longer available?

Please contact your designer directly if this should happen and a suitable replacement piece can be sourced for you.

We’re always excited about opportunities to learn how we can improve your design experience. If you can’t find what you need in the FAQs or have any suggestions, please reach out to us at hello@onstyledesign.com. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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